Monday, July 2, 2012

Twin Forks

edmonton alberta canada night storm lightning sky clouds

I was walking home on my way from photographing fireworks for the Canada Day celebration. All of a sudden the western sky was lit up so bright. A huge thunder storm was taking place. I set up the camera and tripod and decided to try and capture some lightning. It wasn't going so well. After all this was the first time I even attempted this. A man walked by and offered some advice. He asked if I managed to capture any yet and I said yes just a little one. He then said "You have to be fast". I chuckled in my head. I am not lightning fast. Anyways there was many a flash of lightning and each time I was too slow. It was getting a bit frustrating. Then all of a sudden the upper sky lit up. I pressed and held my remote release and then these two huge bolts forked out of the clouds. It was pretty awesome to see and even more awesome to see that I had captured it with my camera. Fireworks and lightning in the same day is pretty special. Then again it was a special day. Happy Birthday Canada. 

Fireworks pictures to follow.