Saturday, June 30, 2012

Early to Rise

Edmonton Alberta Canada Sunrise North Saskatchewan River Bridge

Early to Rise

Set my alarm for 3:30 am this morning. Woke up got dressed and left the house just before 4:00 am. I had been wanting to catch a sunrise for sometime but getting up early is difficult for me. I forced myself to bed early and managed to get up. I had picked this spot some time ago and was hoping for some thin strips of clouds near the horizon. I wasn't disappointed. The colors were fantastic as the sun rose. Some of the shots I took before this one had some bright reds but I knew as the sun climbed into that layer of clouds I would get some beams of light. So I waited.

edmonton alberta canada sunrise gold golden river north

Pure Gold

This one was taken a few minutes later. It was taken with some different settings on the camera and the post processing was very different. 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Works Festival

Edmonton Alberta Canada Summer The Works Art Festival

This photo was taken at The Works Festival in Edmonton, AB Canada. The festival attracts artists and patrons from all over the world. It provides an opportunity for artists to display their work and participate in events. 
The photo is of a canvas that was stretched over and archway that marked the exit of the area. Artists were permitted to draw on the canvas using sharpie markers. The canvas is very large. I would guess about 14 feet high and about 40 feet wide. In order to take this photo I actually had to segment it up into 4 different shots and then stitch them together using Hugin. I decided to black out the area around the canvas so that you wouldn't be distracted by the surroundings.  I did not witness the artists that drew on this canvas but there were artists working on a similar canvas at the entrance and most of them seemed fairly young. If any of the artists that helped create this canvas see this post I would just like to say to you, "Excellent work". 

The Works is the first of many festivals that are held in Edmonton over the summer. It is held every year giving visitors a chance to see some great art and artists. If you get the chance check it out. 

The Works - June 21 to July 3 2012 Churchill Square, Edmonton, AB Canada

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Green Giant

Edmonton Alberta Canada Clouds Sky Highrise Skyscraper Skyline

I called up my friend +Karl Stevens to see if he wanted to go out and take some photos tonight. I mentioned to him that I wanted to try taking pictures indoors. He suggested we try out the pedways downtown. So we headed downtown and as it turns out I only ended up taking one shot indoors. I thought I was bored with taking shots that I had to take extra time processing the sky. Well, I was wrong. One can always choose to take the extra creative path and take it to an extra level. In this shot the sky is over processed. The skyscraper and other buildings were left out of that. One thing I noticed about taking photos of tall buildings is that it is extremely difficult to get the lines running straight. The left line of the small building on the right is perfectly vertical but as you can see the rest of the lines are not. I am sure this is a matter of positioning with the camera and I plan on exploring this aspect further. 

I hope you like it. Any and all comments are appreciated.

Goodbye Stormy

Edmonton Alberta Canada Storm Clouds Sky Summer  

I managed to get this shot of some storm clouds rolling out as the sun was going down.  The clouds were moving east as the sun set in the west so they got to feel the warmth of the sun on their backside.

I've been doing some experimenting with clouds.  When I do my post processing I am trying to create depth in the clouds so you can get an idea of what is close and what is farther away.  I think I am getting better at it.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

City of Festivals

Edmonton Alberta Canada Skyline Clouds Sunset City Festivals
City of Festivals

Edmonton has earned the name City of Festivals because it plays host to so many festivals during the course of a year. This summer will create some excellent opportunity for +Edmonton Photographers to capture some great images during these festivals. So I present to you courtesy of the Edmonton Sun a list of some of this summers events. Get your cameras ready and feel free to share your images with +One Edmonton Summer either on google+ or on facebook.

June 22 - June 24 * Summer Solstice Fest - University of Alberta
June 21 - July 3     * The Works Festival - Churchill Square
June 22 - July 1     * Jazz Fest - Various Locations
June 26 - July 22   * Freewill Shakespeare - Hawrelak Park
June 28 - July 8     * Feats Festival of Dance - Various Locations
June 28 - July 1     * Boonstock - Gibbons, AB
July 03   - July 8     * Historic Fest - Various Locations
July 06   - July 15   * Street Performers Festival - Churchill Square
July 06   - July 08   * Triathlon Festival - Hawrelak Park
July 15                     * Sourdough Raft Race - Along the River
July 14   - July 22   * Edmonton Indy - City Center Airport
July 19   - July 28   * Taste of Edmonton - Churchill Square
July 19                     * Capital Ex Parade - 99 St & 102 Ave
July 20   - July 29   * Capital Ex - Exhibition Grounds
Aug 02   - Aug 05   * Big Valley Jamboree - Camrose
Aug 03   - Aug 05   * Bluegrass Festival - Stony Plain
Aug 04   - Aug 06   * Heritage Festival - Hawrelak Park
Aug 09   - Aug 12   * Folk Music Festival - Gallagher Park
Aug 10   - Aug 12   * Animethon - MacEwan Campus
Aug 16   - Aug 26   * The Fringe Festival - Old Strathcona
Aug 17   - Aug 19   * Dragon Boat Festival - Louse McKinney Park
Aug 17   - Aug 18   * Rock Music Festival - Hawrelak Park
Aug 18   - Aug 19   * Latin Festival - Churchill Square
Aug 24   - Aug 26   * Blues Festival - Hawrelak Park
Aug 31   - Sept 3    * Symphony Under the Sky - Hawrelak Park

There are a few smaller events that I didn't list. If you are interested you can reference the June 17, 2012 issue of the Edmonton Sun for more information.

If asked we will try to provide any information on any of the events taking place in Edmonton this summer.

Feel free to share this post!

Enjoy Your Summer