Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Canada Day Fireworks 2012

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Canda Day 2012 in Edmonton, AB. Here are several shots that I took of the fireworks that were shot off downtown by the high level bridge. I sat on a hill in Victoria Park with my friend Karl, his wife and daughter. There was a very large crowd this year and I don't think they were disappointed this time around. It was a pretty decent display with a wide array of colors and firework types. There was fuzzy streamers and winding snakes. Flashy sparklers and big poppers. We saw speeders and slow winders. Twisties and swirlies. 

There was white ones, blue ones and green. Bright red, yellow and varying ones in between. 

It was a good show and this was my first time photographing fireworks. It was really fun and I can't wait for my next chance to try. 

I made up those firework types just in case you were wondering. Dr. Suess seemed to possess my mind for a moment there. 

I hope you enjoy the photos and if you don't mind I would like some feedback on which one or ones you like the most. They are all numbered so if you state in the comments which photos you prefer it would be greatly appreciated.

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