Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Island

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Elk, Island National, Park, Lake, Sunset, Astotin, David, Waddington
The Island

This was taken at Elk Island National Park in Alberta Canada shortly after sunset. This is Astotin Lake and the islands name is High Island. I had hoped to get here before the sun went down but the road was blocked for a considerable amount of time with large herds of buffalo. I took many photos of the buffalo as I drove by but sadly none of the photos turned out any good. I guess I need practice taking pictures and driving at the same time. It was really interesting seeing that many buffalo so close and I intend to go back really soon to photograph the buffalo again.

I find the island interesting because it almost looks like the bones of a fish. Elk Island National Park is a very interesting place and if you are ever in the area take the time to check it out. You can camp, picnic or even go canoeing on the many lakes in the area. The buffalo are protected so there is also many of them to see.

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