Sunday, June 24, 2012

Green Giant

Edmonton Alberta Canada Clouds Sky Highrise Skyscraper Skyline

I called up my friend +Karl Stevens to see if he wanted to go out and take some photos tonight. I mentioned to him that I wanted to try taking pictures indoors. He suggested we try out the pedways downtown. So we headed downtown and as it turns out I only ended up taking one shot indoors. I thought I was bored with taking shots that I had to take extra time processing the sky. Well, I was wrong. One can always choose to take the extra creative path and take it to an extra level. In this shot the sky is over processed. The skyscraper and other buildings were left out of that. One thing I noticed about taking photos of tall buildings is that it is extremely difficult to get the lines running straight. The left line of the small building on the right is perfectly vertical but as you can see the rest of the lines are not. I am sure this is a matter of positioning with the camera and I plan on exploring this aspect further. 

I hope you like it. Any and all comments are appreciated.


  1. This shot is particularly interesting to me, Dave. The buildings have a futuristic feel, yet the colours in the sky seems to add a sense of playfulness in a dark, boding kind of way, if that's possible. At least to me it does. I understand what you mean about the lines, but I think the skewed lines fit in with the contrast of the playful/dark. The straight up and down building on the right is almost too perfect looking, almost like it's photoshopped in. Again, the perfect with the imperfect, it works. Nice photo!

    1. Thank you Brandy. I am glad you find it interesting. It's nice to hear your perspective. Thanks for your comment!